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Hi I'm Carla, really looking forward to sharing all my sexy exploits with you both on film and when we are up and running on video.I decided to do a few sexy photoshoots to pay my way thro' uni' ,but now find I am totally obsessed with getting my kit of for the camerea.I am studying Sports Science's at Leeds University and love the smell of hot naked bodies in the gym and changing rooms so that is where you may find many of my sets are shot from.My friends have nicknamed me the magician because when I work up a passion anything spherical shaped is likely to disappear.I will say no more than the rest of that subjectis left to your imagination.lol


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I am Carla Kennady 20yr old student from South London.Decided to do a few photo shoots to pay my way thro' uni'.I am bright bubbly personality,and regularly travel from my home in South London to university up north.I have close friend and studio owner around half way stage of my journey,so that is ideal stopping of place to relax,shoot a few images and relieve my desires in his studio.
Should you have any ideas,desires you would like us to shoot for you,please drop me a line.
Luv' Carla xxx

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