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For years I've been compiling my own private collection of naughty visuals that turned me on and now I want to share all of my desires with you.  These are some of my most treasured, dirty little adventures and I'm so excited that I finally get to share them with you! The scenarios range from sweet to sensual, and from blushing to brazen. There are hundreds of uncensored, high quality materials that await you. I want to bare it all and I love knowing you are watching me. If you think you love what is in my free area, just wait to see what I've saved for my members. Join now to experience me up close and personal. I always add new stuff, so you'll never get bored and there will always be a new surprise waiting for you when you log in.

About me:

My name is Naomi St.Claire. I was born on july 19. I'm proud to say that my birthplace is Louisville, KY, USA. My measurements are 36b-30-44, so yes, that means i have a big 'ol booty! One of my fantasies is to have a 5 girl orgy with lots of toys, I have yet to do that one. Let's see, what else? Hmmmm, oh yes, this should round out some other things, my favorite sex toys are vibrators and silver bullets. Favorite positions are defiantly going to be 69, doggy style, me on top. Other interesting info, if you care to know. Age lost virginity is a whopping 17. The wildest sexual thing i've done is have sex on a ferris wheel. I'm sure you've guessed by now but if not my sexual orientation is bi. Over the years i've done a lot of crazy things, but the most people in one day had to be ummmm.........5. I hope this has allowed you some insight into my personality and i look forward to our new relationship!

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