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I'm all about being normal, and not fake. So, here you get to see me be normal - which for me includes a bit of nymphomania. I started taking pics at home - just plain pictures, and I still do that. And then I started taking more refined pictures, so you might see some of those too. But either way, I'm still Ella. I don't wear a whole lot of makeup, I'm all natural, and I ONLY do what makes me hot. That includes licking pussy, playing with toys, fingering myself, and spreading open. Above all though, I get super hot just knowing that I'm helping YOU get off, so let me know if I am doing that !

About me:

A bit about myself, hmmm. It would say a lot to tell you that I am a Pastor's Daughter. Ha ha!
I also do street fighting, and I love to bake. I pretend to be Martha Stewart, but it's sort of hard when my favorite past time is having sex! I love to read, and do crosswords (oh yeah, I'm sort of a geek too.) I LOVE throwing parties, but I can also be a homebody.

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